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420/Laser Race Team

The Club 420 is used throughout the U.S.  as a junior trainer and offers youth and adults a wide range of sailing experiences from learning basic sailing skills through advanced racing techniques. Unlike the Optimist, which is generally sailed by one person under 120 pounds, the Club 420 is sailed by a skipper and a crew of one.

The Laser is the single-handed option for sailors who are too big or too old to sail the Optimist. The Laser can be configured with three different sail plans, providing great versatility across a wide range of sizes. Lasers are best suited to sailors 13 years of age or older, over 125 pounds, and focused on racing. Lasers are one of the fastest growing one-design classes in North America and the primary single-handed boat used in youth sailing events.

AGES: 12-18
DURATION:  Approximately four or eight weeks
PREREQUISITES:  C420 Learn to Race

Our Club 420/Laser Racing Team is designed for sailors between the ages of 12-18 who have completed the Learn to Race C420 class, or other similar course, and are interested in racing and competing at regattas. Emphasis is on having fun in a competitive atmosphere while building racing skills and preparing for regattas. C420 sailors will learn spinnaker handling and trapeze techniques, advanced boat-handling techniques, tactics, and physical fitness while stressing the importance of sportsmanship. Classes will focus on perfecting the processes involved in sailboat racing. The Club 420/Laser Racing team will represent White Bear Lake in TCYS Friday events at Twin Cities lakes as well as ILYA regattas throughout the midwest.

If interested in learning to use spinnaker and trapeze, bring a sailing friend and contact the Waterfront Director.

3 Hour Practices. C420s are only provided during practice times but can be chartered for regattas at a nominal fee. All Laser sailors must provide their own boat for practices and regattas. 

Race Team Fee includes coaching support at all 2018 TCYS regattas. 

Note: Additional fees apply for use of school C420 for regatta competition. Please talk to your race coach for details.

Session Dates No Class Days Times Fee # of Classes
CRT1- C420/Laser Race Team 6/10-7/11 7/1-7/5 Monday-Thursday 2:00PM-5:00PM $640 16 (+2 TCYS Regattas)
CRT2- C420/Laser Race Team 7/15-8/8 7/29-7/30 Monday-Thursday 2:00PM-5:00PM $640 14 (+2 TCYS Regattas)
CRT3- C420/Laser Race Team 6/10-8/8 7/1-7/5, 7/29-7/30 Monday-Thursday 2:00PM-5:00PM $1,110 30 (+5 TCYS Regattas)

Waterfront Director