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COVID-19 Update 2021

COVID-19 Update for 2021



This policy applies to all sailors, parents and instructors while on our premises.

As always, the safety and well-being of our sailors is our highest priority. This year, COVID-19 presents some challenges, but the White Bear Sailing School is committed to striving for a safe environment that enables all sailors to continue to grow their knowledge and love of sailing. As such, the WBSS staff and board of directors have carefully laid out plans for this summer and fall sailing seasons.

To accomplish the safety and well-being of all sailors, their families and the WBSS instructors, it is critical that each sailor and their parent understand and follow this policy. Instructors will be working with sailors to help them understand and follow their responsibilities for creating a safe environment for themselves and their peers. Sailors who disregard their responsibilities will be asked to leave the event with their money refunded on a prorated basis.

WBSS has redesigned all its activities with a focus on structured social distancing, hand hygiene and facial protection. We will be limiting the number of students and staff on premises at all times. Six-foot radius seating arrangements have been developed for on-shore activities. We will seek to limit-our time on-shore and all sessions will be held outdoors. On-premise instructional approaches have been enhanced to accommodate spread-out chalk talks. Hand sanitizing stations have been added at several places on the premises. Masks or similar facial protection will be required for indoor common spaces and anytime a sailor is within a six-foot radius of another person. Thermometers will be available to assist instructors in their immediate response to a sailor who isn’t feeling well. Finally, WBSS instructors have received additional training on CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines as well as COVID-safe coaching requirements.

With all the above mitigations in place, each sailor, parent and instructor play a critical role.



• Do not attend sailing events if you have any degree of fever, are feeling sick or have had contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. If you begin to feel ill, let your instructor know right away.

• Always maintain a six-foot (at least two arm’s length) radius from your fellow sailors and instructors. Be respectful of other sailors’ space and help them remember yours. This includes while on the docks.

• A clean boat is a safe boat. Start and end your day by sanitizing your boat and rigging with soap and water. Before you rig your boat, spray and wipe down boat, control and rigging surfaces. Repeat the same cleaning process at the end of the day.

• Apply hand sanitizer or wash your hands when you arrive, before and after you sanitize your boat and before you eat. Hand sanitizer always goes on after taking off sailing gloves and before sunscreen is applied or reapplied. Apply hand sanitizer one last time at the end of the day.

• You will be expected to use a mask or other facial protection and wear it over your nose and mouth anytime you are inside a building or within a six-foot radius of another person.

• Don’t share your water bottle, food or sunscreen with another sailor. We want to keep potential germs to ourselves.

• No guests on your boat. Don’t be a guest on another sailor’s boat. Practice social distancing at all times including when on the water.



• Make sure your child understands the importance of following the above responsibilities and expectations

• Help your child understand that social distancing, hand sanitizing and their facial protection are a critical part of safe sailing this summer (much like the importance of sunscreen and their life jacket)

• Do not send your child to any activity if they have cold or flu symptoms or if a member of the family has cold or flu symptoms. Please err on the side of caution and notify the WBSS Director (Phone number below and on the WBSS website). Missed sailing school days due to sailor or family member illness will be reimbursed on a prorated basis.

• Contact the WBSS Director if your child develops symptoms within three days after attending an activity. Your diligence in keeping the Director informed is key to a safe summer and fall for all.

• Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Director or an instructor with any questions or concerns



• Lead by example and set the tone for what “good” looks like. Make sure each sailor understands their responsibilities as defined above including expectations for safe distancing, hand hygiene and wearing facial protection. Observe each sailor throughout the day and provide timely feedback on how they are doing.

• Be approachable and get to know your sailors. Make it easy for them to share their concerns and comfortable to tell you if they are not feeling well.

• Ensure all instructional, transitional and downtime activities promote healthy social distancing practices

• Allow extra time for transitional activities (e.g. rigging/derigging, etc.) to help avoid long lines on docks

• Provide additional boat sanitizing using a chemical disinfect at the beginning or the end of each day to supplement cleaning performed by sailors

• Follow WBSS coach requirements for personal illness reporting (see separate document



If a sailor or instructor is exposed…

  • If a sailor or instructor is exposed to an individual that tests positive, but they themselves have not tested positive yet, the sailing school will shut down for 24 hours for a deep clean. All instructors and sailors that came in contact with the exposed individual will not be allowed back until the exposed individual has received a negative test, or they themselves have received a negative test. 


If a sailor or instructor has tested positive…

  • If a sailor or instructor has tested positive, the sailing school will shut down for two weeks. The individual who has tested positive will not be allowed back until they have a negative test result. All sailors and instructors who have been exposed to the positive individual will also not be allowed back to the sailing school until they have tested negative.